Shane begins his cycle across America today, here is his message on exactly what he is doing and more importantly why, lets get behind him and support this fantastic challenge.

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As most of you will already know, today I set off on a 3200 mile bike ride across America. I will attempt to cycle 120 miles for 28 consecutive days, cross 11 states and proceed through four time zones, all whilst sweating my crown jewels off. My aim is to raise £10,000 – and lots of awareness – for children with deafness or cancer.

Anyone who has spoken to me over the past year will realise how much this means to me, I have sacrificed a year of my life to train and organise the ride, in addition to having a very sore bottom. Most of my friends are either buying a house or having children. I’ve emptied my bank account to fund this and I’ve not had sex in a year!

I am not an athlete and have never done anything like this before, one look at my chicken legs will clarify that. I only started cycling last September and it has been a really tough 12 months for me, both mentally and physically.

I’ve not publicly asked for any donations as of yet, but I’m reliant on people like you to help me achieve my fundraising target.

Maybe I’ve made you smile, made you laugh, gave you a lift, bought you a drink or perhaps you just simply fancy helping me out. Absolutely any donation would not only mean a lot to me, but it would also help me achieve my goal of helping children with deafness or cancer.

Whether you donate of not, please help spread the word and share this journey.

Love you all

Shane x

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