Bikegab started out life as a Kickstarter project from the brain of Marek Soucek, in 2016. Achieving its funding goals and now trading as Souma Leather Marek and his company have been going from strength to strength.

This wasn’t always the case though, indeed not long after the successful Kickstarter campaign Marek had to endure the hardship and heartache of moving from his chosen home in the US back to his country of birth in the Czech Republic. This meant selling all of his tools and his ‘beloved’ sewing machine and effectively starting from scratch.

Clearly a man with a mission (and a new sewing machine presumably) he pulled everything together and continued down his dream path of making a stylish, useful bike bag.

I have been in contact with Marek through all of these ups and downs and was delighted for him when he was able to start shipping out his final product the ‘BikeGab’

We were lucky enough to receive one hot off the sewing machine and have been putting it through its paces for a while now and have been suitably impressed.

Made from high quality full grain oil tan leather the bag is a very simple understated design that still manages to look eye-catching. It has a back pocket useful for storing something for quick access, a mobile, a set of keys etc. whilst main bag is large enough to store an A5 note book or small diary, and all of your daily essentials, it even has a separate phone pocket inside.

There are removable top tube straps for simple attachment to the bike and a small and subtle strap at the bottom corner of the bag to secure it to the seat tube. Held in place over the top tube by the flap and a magnetic closure it held well and didn’t slip at all nor did it impede riding.

There are one or two points of caution though; Firstly I am not sure how keen I would be to expose it to UK winter elements, with all the rain and mud that’s flying around, its just too good looking to get dirty! Secondly the shoulder strap, its narrow design whilst completely understandable (for storage within the bag when not being carried) is too slim for my taste and I did feel a little like I was carrying a handbag (my wife has done her best to still it from me!), but that really is being nit-picky.

The Souma leather range has massively extended since its inception and now offers, Brompton bags, wallets and very stylish looking laptop bags, though given all of these are genuine leather products the prices do match. Its safe to say that if you are in the market for a stylish, sophisticated bike bag for commuting and you are happy paying a premium for a decent quality leather product you would do well to consider Bikegab

Bikegab can be found here for £87.32

Review by @RolyRouleur