We were approached by Swedish sportswear brand, Craft, to undertake a review of the new Verve Glow Jersey in blue. On arrival first impressions were good and the quality felt great. This is what Craft have to say about the jersey:

“The Verve Glow Jersey is designed for those who ride hard on a regular basis and who prefer to be seen when speeding across the landscape. Reflective details on the chest and at the back make you extra visible. In addition, technical fabrics with great stretch combined with bodymapped mesh panels provide efficient moisture transport and cooling for optimal performance. Silicone print at back bottom hem keeps the jersey in place. Four back pockets (one zippered). Hole in back pocket for headset wire.”

We reviewed a large size jersey. We rode under a series of different conditions ranging from very warm, cool and windy, and very wet! This is a lightweight jersey and yet the breathability is superb. The meshy areas under the armpits allow for ventilation even on the hottest of rides.

Due to the silicone grips, the jersey stays put and despite being in and out of the saddle, the jersey never moved around enough to feel the need to pull it down.

The pockets were deep and wide, and allowed for storing a range of items on a ride. A waterproof jacket was stuffed in the middle pocket and during the ride it never moved. All the pockets are capable of holding enough food/nutrition to last a day’s ride. The only downside is the zipper pocket isn’t waterproof lined to hold a phone and keep it dry.

The rear pockets containing a waterproof jacket





Due to the time of year we were riding, we can’t comment on the reflectiveness of the jersey. Yet with the reflect bits on both arms, the rear and across the front if you were caught out then this jersey could provide some extra visibility.

The jersey comes in orange, black and blue. Maybe a slight disappointment is the number of colours available but that would be our only criticism.

For a jersey with RRP of £60, it really should be checked out if you were in the market for a new jersey.

It is a really great touch having ‘Craft’ embossed along the side of the jersey.

We tested the Verve Glow Bib Shorts in a large size and black in colour.

This is what Craft have to say: “The Verve Bib Shorts are technically advanced bike shorts designed for serious cyclists who ride several days per week 12 months a year. The bib shorts are made of body-control fabric that offers great muscle support, efficient moisture transport and excellent body-temperature management. In addition, ergonomic design and 4-way stretch ensure optimal freedom of movement, while wide and elastic leg endings with silicone print keeps the shorts in place. Infinity C2 Pad Men offers great comfort during your entire workout.”

What first struck us was the straps on these bibs, they certainly don’t look comfortable. They are mesh and when we put them on, it took a few seconds to equal them out to enable a fit, yet whilst riding they were absolutely fine and the ventilation is very good.

Due to the minimal fabric on the back of the bibs, there were no real hot/sweat spots that you can get on your lower back.

The grippers on these bibs, which are actually quite big, held well from a seated position, to standing, to seated again – the legs never moved.

We used these bibs on a variety of rides from 10 miles up to 45 miles. The padding is of high quality and was very comfortable throughout the rides.

The bib shorts have reflective detail around the leg and from the lower back area. Due to the nature of the light, the reflective strips/detail wasn’t tested.

Overall a great bib short and worthy of you spending some money on (RRP £80). The only downside is that they are only available in black.