A few weeks ago we were contacted by Guy at Cyndicate to test out their rucksack with built in indicators. Now having seen indicators on helmets recently we jumped at the chance of reviewing it. We were given the task of reviewing their 18 litre version. Cyndicate also have a range of smaller rucksacks a 5 litre rucksack and a saddle bag. Both of these also have built in indicators.

So it is over to @CromptonHoward to test the 18 litre version.

Now for the commuters amongst us it is actually quite hard to find a rucksack that sits well on your back for those rides into work. Then there is the issue of will if fit all my things in it, whether that be books, a laptop and even your clothing for a day at work. Being a teacher day to day I do bring work home with me most days in the way of students books plus a few other bits.

What struck me about the Syndicate is how much capacity it is. Inside of the rucksack is a smaller pocket and then just one big open space. What I have managed to fit into the rucksack is an Apple Mac laptop and charger, a pair of trainers, a pair of trousers, a t shirt and 5 A4 books. The Syndicate easily swallowed these items up  without putting any stress onto the zips. At the base of the rucksack is some extendable straps and so if you have a lighter/smaller load it can be shrunk into a smaller rucksack.

On the outside of the rucksack is a smaller pocket which is perfect for a phone, keys and wallet if you need these handy. img_7343

The indicator unit can be removed for those days where you may not need it, for example you are catching the train. Inside the indicator unit there is a USB charger that has a sizeable length cord perfect for it to be charged at the computer or indeed the plug socket. Overall there is a 6 hour batter life in the unit.

To use the indicator you have a small remote control that can be housed onto your handlebars, the remote can easily be removed should it be required. The indicators are self explanatory with the red square button acting a s a braking sign. The yellow light illuminates the buttons on the remote, perfect for those dark commutes.


Here are pictures of the unit in action.

img_7340 img_7339 img_7338


Once you have clicked the remote the light you have selected will continue to flash until you change the direction. What is handy is that the direction button on the remote also flashes so you know which way you are directing.

On the trim of the rucksack is a reflective strip which also makes you stand out once a headlight beam hits the rucksack. On the base of the rucksack is a waterproof that is stowed away in it’s own pocket. This is attached so it doesn’t come off mid ride. The good thing about the cover is that it is thin and robust enough to allow the indicators to be seen if you had the cover on.

Whilst riding the rucksack can be fitted to your back in the way of tightening straps underneath your armpit, around your waist and across the chest. Should you need a whistle for whatever reason there is one as part of the buckle on the chest strap.

Overall I am super impressed with this rucksack. The internal space allows for a great amount to be carried without compromising the weight on your back.

A perfect solution for commuting.

To purchase a Cyndicate rucksack head over to http://cyndicate.bike and find them on Twitter: @guylester5

The Aurora 5 litre daypack is RRP £54.99

The Aurora 18 litre daypack is RRP £74.99

The Aurora Saddlebag is RRP £44.99