Never one to shy away from bright colours and new designs Phil aka @RolyRouleur has been testing the QUOC Night road shoes in Pink.

The QUOC Night performance road shoes first caught my attention this time last year when I saw a picture on social media of the latest planned offering, yet first foray in to performance footwear, from the established fashion cycling brand QUOC.

QUOC was established in 2009 by Quoc Pham who had one simple dream, to design a cycling shoe that would be functional on the bike and yet elegant and stylish enough to wear around the office. Judging by their catalogue of designs and great reviews it’s safe to say he achieved his goal.

Keen to push boundaries and expand their range QUOC launched the Night performance road shoe earlier this year in 3 colours (Black, White and Pink) and a special edition black leather.

Made from what is described as a ‘Premium microfibre upper’ with a ‘breathable microfibre lining’ and boasting ‘thermodynamic ventilation’ these certainly looked stunning straight out of the box and though there were one or two concerns about the practicality of the upper from a cleaning perspective and in regards to the lace system I was still keen to get out and test them because they looked so good!

These have largely been used on shorter rides but have never been anything less than impressive. The Marbled carbon composite sole is stiff and whilst the fit is snug it is still very comfortable, though if like me you have wider feet it might be an idea to size up (they are available in 5.5 – 12.5 UK size). The air vents at the toe help to regulate temperature nicely and also look good from a stylistic point of view, whilst the added reflective heel strip is a nice addition for those early morning or late night rides.

Having read other reviews of these shoes, two of the concerns that were picked up was the ability to keep them clean and the ease at which the soles get scratched. I am happy to say that neither of these have been born out for me, they remain fairly unmarked and the soles are scratch free. Further the lacing system that I was so worried about performed fantastically and with a small elasticated loop on the tongue there were no chain and lace issues here. I truly am a convert back to the old style of closure system.

I have had numerous admiring glances and comments for these shoes and this is one of the main reasons to buy for me personally, they stand out and are different to everything else that is currently on the market and that is a rare thing these days (Mavic’s crazy £900 shoes not withstanding!)


And sadly there is a but (or two).

Firstly, weight; whilst not being billed as super lightweight I did have an expectation (given they are billed as ‘Performance’) that these would be lighter than they are. At 277g for a size 9.5 these are by no means heavy, but I did notice a difference from my regular Road Shoes (bTwin 700 from 2015) which came in at 237g for the same size.

Secondly, price; at £219 for the Microfibre offerings (add £20 for the black leather) these are at the very high end of the price bracket and as such you would expect them to be on par with other shoes at that price range. However, if we focus again on weight as an easy reference point the Giro Empires are 100g lighter for a similar price, whilst the aforementioned bTwins were less weight for a shoe that hadn’t even reached triple digits in price.

To focus on the price though is to miss the point of these shoes entirely. These standout from the crowd, they are unique, comfortable and stylish. If you want pure performance there may be other options for you but if you want performance coupled with a lot of style then you should certainly consider embracing the Night.

Review by @RolyRouleur

QUOC Night available here