The thoughts of our team members Phil and James on a ‘different’ kind of male grooming product.

A couple of months ago we got chatting with the good people over at Below the Belt Grooming about their initial three product range of male grooming products.

So far so normal, but then when that range includes a product called ‘Fresh and Dry Balls’ naturally we knew these products would be a little different!


These are not your standard grooming product fair of hair gels, beard oil and face scrubs. No, these are all firmly aimed at the male of the species’ unspeakable regions!

After the initial chuckles and innuendos died down, we got serious and started thinking ‘how much of a beating do your balls take whilst on the bike’? And with the general consensus of ‘quite a bit actually’ we very quickly agreed to test these products out.

Alongside the ‘Fresh and Dry Balls’ product there is also a ‘Waterless Shower’ and a ‘Sports Lubricant’

So lets keep things simple and go through them one by one.

The first one then is the ‘Waterless shower’ which is a bottle of ball cleaner that you can use to have a little clean downstairs when you’ve done a ride that doesn’t really warrant a full shower but you probably need to freshen up some key body parts. We found it was a bit like a hand sanitiser that’s kinder on the more sensitive skin. And boy you can certainly feel it working, tingling away to keep you clean!

Now obviously we all shower regularly here at UKCycleChat (honestly we do!) but it makes sense that if you haven’t really broken a sweat you might as well take the quick option. Our only bit of advice would be that if you do have a little sore downstairs or a cut then the anti-bacterial properties can cause a bit more of a tingle than you’re expecting.

Product two is the ‘Sports Lubricant’. This pot of lube can be rubbed on the inside of your thighs or between your legs to stop chafing on long rides which can be pretty uncomfortable. To be clear, it’s not got the same anti-bacterial properties as chamois cream so bear that in mind but what is for sure is that it keeps things moving smoothly.


We are going to let you in on a little secret (and please forgive us) there are one or two runners amongst us in the team and the sports lubricant, with its unique moisturising formula, is great for this discipline too. As with the chafing issue mentioned already the same is very much true for running and for that matter long distance walking. Put the Vaseline away and switch to this now, you wont be disappointed.

And now for the final product that all of you who have a similar schoolboy humour to us have been waiting for, the ‘Fresh and Dry Balls’

Recommended for use after showering and/or whenever you use other antiperspirants this product does exactly what it says on the tube, and keeps your manly pride and joy, fresh and dry.


This product would be great for use before or indeed after a long ride, and as summer approaches and temperatures rise you will certainly be glad to have this on your shelf for a little testicular refreshment! Whilst we didn’t necessarily experience the ‘fine layer of talc’ its safe to say things certainly felt fresh!

All three of these products are quick and easy to apply with the most simple of instructions to follow. They all do exactly the job they aim to achieve, and one of the best things is you really don’t need to use a huge amount so the various tubes and pots last a while! The other big bonus we noted was that don’t leave any weird smells afterwards so nobody else will ever know what you’ve been doing!

As a very quick side note, whilst these products are very clearly aimed at the male market we are reliably informed that they work just as well for the ladies of this world in keeping things fresh and ship shape in the more personal or areas.

Its safe to say that Below the Belt Grooming have got some converts and we wait with anticipation for the next range of products to launch. Trust us when we say that although your initial reaction might be a chuckle or two (which is no bad thing by the way!) the products themselves are seriously great!