In a world where data has become King (or Queen) Massif Central aim to take advantage of this with their unique and bespoke data prints, and Phil thinks they may well have succeeded.

Born from an idea of wanting to create a trophy of sorts to commemorate a 15 day ride down the length of Italy that some friends had undertaken, and combined with a strong love for data the unique style of Massif Central was born.

Whether it is a Sportive, a race, a distance or climbing challenge, Massif Central offer you the chance to create a bespoke print of the data generated from your ride. One thing is key, the more data you can provide, the better.

Having gotten chatting with Howard at Massif Central about the concept he kindly agreed to send over a few bits for us to have a look at including one of their bespoke prints commemorating a customer’s ride and two copies of their mainstream projects for The Monuments.

Lets first start with the bespoke print then, we were sent a copy of a custom piece of work that was done to commemorate a ride from Butlers Cross in Buckinghamshire to Paris across 4 days earlier this year. The image captures everything, elevation, stats for the day, waypoints and incidents. It certainly seems like a perfect way to remember a special challenge. This bespoke element is a massive (no pun intended) plus point and one that is certainly worth considering. With a second attempt at London to Germany coming up in 2017 I can see a purchase coming on for sure!

Alongside the bespoke prints Massif Central offer a series of projects from the Pro Peloton, you can buy prints from the Tour de France, the Monuments, the Giro and even the hour record to hang on your wall.

We were sent a copy of the 2016 Paris Roubaix print complete with data from the winning rider Matthew Hayman, and a copy of the 2016 Milan San Remo complete with Arnaud Demare’s data. As with the bespoke print we were impressed with not only the quality but the overall look and detail. These prints are super unique and definitely look great as a talking point feature for any wall, and the subtle embossing of the Massif Central logo in the corner of the prints is a nice final detail.

Now obviously this format works well for cycling but the bespoke nature of the prints lend themselves equally well to running and walking challenges, drives you want to remember and even the journey you took to becoming a couple, as long as you can provide the data for it the good people at Massif Central will work with you to create a fantastic memory.

A great concept, executed to a high standard and with a great quality final product, all that is left for you to do is to ride and start churning that data! Oh and if anyone fancies buying me a pressie ‘The Monuments’ comparison project would look great on my wall.

Review by @RolyRouleur