It is that time of year when commuting or riding regularly that lights is a must have on the bike. There are so many out there for all budgets that choosing a set can be a real nightmare. Does it have to be USB rechargeable, would batteries suffice? How many lumen? Where will you mostly be riding? These are all questions to consider when looking for lights.

We have been testing the Serfas E-Lume 1100 front light for the last few weeks. Where we are based gives us lots of scope to ride, some well lit areas to some pitch black dark country roads. So having a light that can light our way and allow us to be seen is a real must. The E-Lume really does kick out some power. At full power the Serfas kicks out 1100 lumen and on full power Solid Overdrive this will give you a run time of 1.5 hours. Running the light at 700 lumen Solid High will give you 2.5 hours, Solid Medium on 400 lumen 4.5 hours, Daytime flash 1100 lumen 30 hours, Low Flash 200 lumen 9.5 hours.

We tested the lights on all the settings throughout the rides. On the top of the light is a button that is the on/off button which also changes the settings. Even whilst riding with big gloves on it was easy to change from one setting to another should you require to change the light for more or less power. The on/off button is also the battery indicator so will change colour as and when it requires charging.

The above picture is taken when the light was on the Solid High setting, so at 700 lumen. The top right picture was taken from approximately 150 metres from the bike as a driver would see you. The E-Lume does have small lights on the side of the main unit to allow for some side vision. The E-Lume 1100 RRP is £79.99. There is a model above this light which is a 1600 lumen version.

The light comes with a bracket that is easy to put on and take off should you need to. The light slides into the bracket and then you should here an audible click to ensure that it is safely locked. Despite the rough roads locally the light stayed in place and there was very little movement. At no time did the light need to be adjusted whilst riding.

The Quasar rear light is small and mighty. The light has a 25 lumen output and its RRP is £16.99.

The Quasar has 3 light settings which are High and runs for 2.5 hours, Low which runs for 5 hours and Flash which also runs for 5 hours. With some lights it is hard to get a bracket for the aero seat posts that some bikes have now. Well with the Quasar you need not worry. The bracket is Aero post friendly. The light can be housed both vertically and horizontally. There is also a clip on the light should you want to use it as a light for your commuting rucksack.

The Quasar is a good light and does show up. There isn’t much difference between the High and Low setting. The flash mode is really eye catching and does offer degree of side protection. Whilst reviewing the light it was more on the flashing mode.

Overall the Serfas light set is definitely worth considering. The lights are both USB re chargeable and so if you took a charge lead to work with you they can be given that extra boost so you can run the lights on full power during those early morning and late afternoon dark rides.



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