Specialising in women’s sports wear, Threo recently sent us over their Richmond Park Jersey and Short’s for testing. Mel puts them through their paces.

First impressions were great, the kit arrived in a drawstring bag very neatly packaged. It felt really good quality and I was happy to see that the shorts looked like they were going to be high enough on the waist. One of the first things I always look at with kit is the grippers around the leg, if there is just a tiny thin band then I know it’s going to cause the ‘sausage leg’ effect so I was pleased to see the shorts had a gripper that was extra wide so I knew it was going to sit perfectly. This was also the same for the end of the sleeves on the jersey.

The fit test

Shorts first. I have never ridden in shorts before, I usually stick with bib shorts so wasn’t sure how I would feel in these at first but once they were on they felt great. The waist came up plenty high enough so wasn’t digging in to my lower stomach at all and the wide waist band felt comfortable and secure. They didn’t feel like they would move about once riding. The legs were probably a few cm’s shorter than I’m used to (and feel comfortable with) but the wide grippers and flat seams made sure there was no squidging in of my thighs at the wrong place. When I rode in the shorts they didn’t ride up my legs at all and the waist band felt comfortable even when leant over for a good few hours. I didn’t use the pocket in the shorts as the ones in the jersey were plenty for what I needed to carry. Absolutely no issues at all with the pad either, 2 /12 hours in the saddle and it was super comfy.

image1The jersey. The jersey was a perfect fit for me. The arms were longer than some of my other jerseys but this was definitely a good thing and they didn’t ride up when I went onto the drops. The back of the jersey was a length that every woman wants out of cycling tops. It sat nice and low down and didn’t move up my back as a leaned forward. The pockets were plenty big enough to carry all my cycling essentials and my phone in the zipped part as well. The flat seams meant that it didn’t irritate my skin anywhere even when I didn’t wear a base-layer underneath.

Overall a great set of kit. I would have never opted for shorts usually as I’d presumed that the waistband would dig in to my stomach but it didn’t cause any issues at all. It was a great cut in the jersey as well so wasn’t too tight round the middle or baggy on the shoulders. It’s got some reflective stitching down the back of the jersey for safety as well which always helps.

Review by @nuddypants

Jersey RRP – £80

Shorts RRP – £75