Deck your bikes with lots of gadgets Fa la la la la, la la la la
Buy your loved ones all the bike kit Fa la la la la, la la la la

We here at UKCycleChat love Christmas, after all what better time  to treat yourself to that awesome piece of kit you have wanted all year (someone has to buy you a present right?), AND added bonus is you have an excuse to eat absolutely everything in your sight!

Below are just a few ideas from us at UKCycleChat. They are in no particular order, type or price bracket (ranging from £5-£2500). There should be something for everyone here, be it yourself, your loved one, or me (if you fancy sending a Ridley Noah SL my way that is!)

First up we have an idea for the safety conscious amongst you

Tagnix IDs. We have recently had a chance to see first hand the Bracelet range that Tagnix offer and we must say we are suitably impressed. Lots of colour options, a comfortable fit and lightweight, these ICE IDs are the perfect stocking filler for your loved one. Starting at just £12.95 they don’t break the bank either. Not keen on a bracelet? Fear not as they also offer Dog Tags (equally impressive), watch tags and shoe tags too. Go check them out!!

Now we feel a bit naughty for including this one as we also had it in last years list but so impressed have we been that we couldn’t help but include it again. The See.Sense Icon rear light has impressed us all year with its 190 lumens, crash alerts and intelligent systems. Currently priced at £64.99 this truly is worth the money. And look out for the ACE coming in the New Year.

Earlier this year we reviewed the TORM T8 ‘Sportwool’ jersey and given the increasingly wintery weather that is bearing down upon us this super comfortable jersey may be just what you need to keep yourself warm during your Festive riding. Available in multiple colours and offering a full zip, two zipped pockets and a further 3 open ones you could do a lot worse than spending a hard earned £64 on the cyclist in your life.

Ask any cyclist what their dream piece of kit might be outside of a new bike and you will probably get one of two answers; 1) a Power Meter or 2) a Smart Turbo trainer, so lets start with the Power Meter shall we?

4iiii have produced the lightest power meter on the market in their ‘Precision’ product and it has been getting rave reviews from anyone who has been lucky enough to test it (or better still own it) and whilst its left side only functionality may not be to everyones taste, with dual sided options available (as ridden by a number of Pro teams) you can be rest assured there is something for even the most picky of riders. Best bit is that the Precision comes in at the very reasonable price (for power meters) of £379.

On to the turbo trainer, and with so many out there its hard to decide which one to pick but certainly a brand to look at is Bkool with a range of trainers to meet all budgets. One that did catch the eye in particular is the Smart Go Trainer (currently at a bargain £255 on Wiggle). This mid-range trainer can reach 800W with a slope simulation of up to 8% so should be a suitable addition to the pain cave.

When not out riding our bikes, or in the garage cleaning our bikes, or on the web considering our N+1 bikes, we like nothing more than sitting back with a good book (cycling of course) and a coffee (naturally) so lets combine the two for our next suggestions.

Now in all likelihood if you have been riding for more than five minutes you will probably have come across our next suggestion already but just in case let us suggest…..Simon Warren’s Cycling Climbs series; from 100 greatest climbs, to climbs of Wales, or Yorkshire, or the Midlands, or the TdF, this ever expanding range is perfect reference material for setting those New Year targets!

Whilst reading these why not sit back with a coffee served in a mug with a bike brake lever as a handle? Thats right, we give you the Coffee Brake Mug. Its stylish, a little bit different, and well just fun. Shipping from the US with a price starting at $27 this would make the perfect quirky gift.

Focusing back on a couple of our review pieces for some much higher ticket items now, we’ll touch on both a Bike and a Wheelset that are worth considering if you are in the market for either (or both)

The Nebula R-9 from EVO2MAX may not be a name you are familiar with but if you are looking for a high performing road bike with aero credentials at a very reasonable price then the Nebula may just be the bike for you. With a comfortable ride position, great handling, a unique (and customisable) look and a price tag starting around £2400 the Nebula would make a fantastic present.

Over the last 18 months or so there has been a steady rise in the number of Carbon wheelsets being offered at what would be considered the lower end of the price range (£400-£700) but are they any good? Well we cant speak for all of the brands out there but one we have first hand experience of is CES Sport and their RC50 cinchers. Whilst reviewing these we found them responsive, well balanced and most importantly fast! They handled a range of weather conditions and left us suitably impressed. With a price of £600, and new 60 and 88 versions now available (£700) treat yourself after all your hard work this year!

Now, we have had bikes, wheels, and gadgets but one last thing to consider is commuting. No commute is complete without a good rucksack and a decent lock to secure your pride and joy. On the rucksack front we suggest you check out Proviz (a brand whose products we have tested before and always loved). Their Reflect 360 rucksack not only offers spacious internal and a number of useful pockets but it also offers great high visibility attributes (headlights picked it up 50m away on a dark lane). Priced at £69.99 this would perfect for the commuter in your life.

And then on to the locks and specifically HiplokThey offer a variety of locks from, cable, and D-locks, to chain and wall mounted systems. We have seen the Hiplok FLX which is marketed as perfect for coffee stops, and with its small size, lightweight body and built in light we were suitably impressed. Check this brand out if you are in the market for a lock, you wont be disappointed.

So thats it just a few ideas we’ve had, some we have tested and reviewed, some we have used, and some we’d just like to have ourselves.

From all of us here at UKCycleChat we wish you a Merry Christmas and fun safe riding out there.

If the above hasn’t given you enough ideas why not check out our list from 2016 here